Murtić Foundation / Edo Murtić / Graphics / ‘New abstractions’

WE ANNOUNCE / 25. 11. – 31.12. 2021

Murtić Foundation / Edo Murtić

Graphics / ‘New abstractions’

The Museum of Arts and Crafts, organized by the Murtić Foundation, is opening an exhibition of prints by Edo Murtić, one of the most important representatives of Croatian art of the second half of the 20th century. 

The grand finale just before the closure of the Museum of Arts and Crafts due to constructive renovation after the earthquake went to an exhibition by which the Murtić Foundation presents a new graphic map of New Abstraction based on gouache by the great Croatian painter Edo Murtić in the year marking the 100th anniversary of his birth .

The exhibition is the culmination of the celebration of the centenary of the artist’s birth. The exhibition will feature a graphic map in the most modern exclusive digigraphy technique entitled  New Abstraction in a limited edition of the Murtić Foundation. This exhibition summarizes the activities of the Foundation, which was established with the aim of preserving the artist’s legacy. The Museum of Arts and Crafts was chosen by chance for the final ceremony / event of this important anniversary, because it was there in 1990 that the largest exhibition of Edo Murtić’s Retrospective 1938-1990 was held .

The new series of graphics in the Murtić Foundation edition was made according to the original templates of Edo Murtić from the New Abstraction series in a limited edition of 60 copies per motif, a total of 20 motifs in three dimensions using digigraphy technique with a certificate guaranteeing museum archival print quality. Murtić.

We thank everyone who helped in the realization of the project: Zagreb Tourist Board; Partner MUO: Croatia Osiguranje, Sponsors: Ars Kopija, Printera, Roxanich; Media sponsors: Hanza Media, Media servis, Zagreb poster

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